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To Be Blunt

Shayda Torabi

Hosted by RESTART CBD CEO and cannabis brand marketer Shayda Torabi, To Be Blunt features discussions among Marketers, Brand Builders, Founders, Senior Level Executives, and CEO’s of leading cannabis businesses that are navigating the journey from unregulated to regulated. The difference: Everyone speaking is working professionally to establish their brand(s) or business in the growing legal cannabis market. Every Monday Shayda will discuss a trending topic with other leaders within the cannabis industry and discuss it unscripted, with no pre-prepared questions. It will be as if you are sitting with the guests over dinner — discussing the truth and reality behind each topic of discussion. And the truth is — it isn’t what you are hearing in most interviews. The mysterious black box has officially been cracked open. We are discussing the good, bad, and ugly that we all must deal with, and how we are all moving forward to normalize and professionalize this industry despite regulatory changes, federal and state law roadblocks, and the many headwinds experienced within the industry. This is the study of operating a successful business in cannabis. This is To Be Blunt. Tune in weekly, and subscribe so you don't miss an episode!
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