To Be Blunt: The Podcast for Cannabis Marketers

064 Re-Defining Marijuana Law and Taking On The Michigan Supreme Court with Earl Carruthers of G3 Cannabis Therapy

August 23, 2021 Shayda Torabi Season 2 Episode 64
To Be Blunt: The Podcast for Cannabis Marketers
064 Re-Defining Marijuana Law and Taking On The Michigan Supreme Court with Earl Carruthers of G3 Cannabis Therapy
Show Notes

“This war on drugs is like really trying to turn lives upside down. It's like they're almost creating this criminal out of thin air... You're creating people to be criminals. And I didn't want to be a statistic. I just don't want to be another black man who goes to jail, comes back out, and goes back to jail again.” - Earl Carruthers

Welcome back to the To Be Blunt podcast! In this episode, Shayda Torabi welcomes Earl Carruthers, founder of G3 Cannabis Therapy, to talk about his intense journey in his business and pioneering change from the community up to influencing the legislation on marijuana law.

[00:01 – 07:57] Earl Carruthers’ Powerful Story in the Medical Market

[07:58– 19:23] Discovering the Loopholes, Discrimination, and Stigma on Marijuana Law

[19:24 – 23:16] Engulfing in a Movement Affecting the Legislation

[23:17 – 29:23] Repercussions Due to Ambiguous Policies

[29:24 – 38:54] Establishing Support Systems Via Communities

[38:55 – 53:09] The Timeframe of Marijuana Law Revisions to Commercialization

[53:10 – 54:30] Food for Thought: Do you feel afraid or empowered on moving forward with cannabis in your city or state? 

Since 2010, Earl Carruthers has been a pioneer in the Cannabis Industry. He is a business owner, the first POC dispensary owner in Michigan and has been party to two State of Michigan Supreme Court cases, one changing the legal definition of “edibles.” Earl has spent the past decade as a Cannapreneur, owning and operating a grow, 3 dispensaries and processing Cannabis into many different products for his patients and customers. In January 2011, Earl was apprehended during a traffic stop leading to a lawsuit that ultimately ended with a change in Michigan Cannabis law. The following year, Earl’s dispensary was raided after being visited by an undercover cop. So as you can see, Earl has had some very unique and undesirable circumstances along the way while navigating the shifting tides of Michigan’s ever changing laws. But like every good entrepreneur, Earl kept his chin up, head down and moved forward. From then on he made it his mission to restore the use of Cannabis for Therapy. That’s why he founded The Cannabis Therapy Network in partnership with his sub-brands The Craft Cannabis Club and Tiggity. He is also the co-host of the Cannabis Therapy PotCast providing Cannabis resources, knowledge and community for Cannabis consumers, advocates and connoisseurs.

Connect with Earl

Visit and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn @cannatherapynetwork 

Shayda Torabi has been called one of the most influential Women in WordPress and now she’s one of the women leading the cannabis reformation conversation building one of Texas’ premier CBD brands. She's currently the CEO and Co-Founder of RESTART CBD, a female-run education first CBD wellness brand. And has formerly held marketing positions at WP Engine and WebDevStudios. Shayda is the host of a podcast for cannabis marketers called To Be Blunt, where she interviews top cannabis brands on their most successful marketing initiatives. When Shayda's not building her cannabiz in Texas, you can find her on the road exploring the best hikes and spots for vegan ice cream. Follow Shayda at @theshaydatorabi

Key Quote:

“It comes down to the local level and understanding what they stand for as far as what your beliefs are.” - Earl Carruthers 

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