To Be Blunt

136 SXSW: The Future of Chemically Derived Cannabinoids

March 20, 2023 Shayda Torabi Episode 136
To Be Blunt
136 SXSW: The Future of Chemically Derived Cannabinoids
Show Notes

“So what a synthetic is, you start off from a derived cannabinoid, so just CBD and then manipulate it to give you another cannabinoid of interest such as THC delta nine or THC delta eight, depending on the environment that you subject in.” - Chris Hudalla

In this episode, we explore the future of chemically driven cannabinoids and how to ensure their quality and safety for consumers. Our esteemed panel discusses the differences between synthesizing molecules in labs versus using enzymes in plants and why this is important in terms of access, laws, interpretations and efficacy. Join us for this insightful conversation!

[00:00 - 07:43] The Future of Cannabinoids

[07:44 - 15:01] Synthetic vs. Bio-synthetic Cannabinoids

[15:02 - 21:57] The Wild Spectrum of Cannabinoids

[21:58 - 29:14] Taking the Steps Towards Legalizing Cannabis

[29:15 - 43:25] Exploring and Navigating the Complexities of Synthetic Cannabinoids

[43:26 - 57:49] Regulating Synthetic Cannabinoids

[57:50 - 59:27] Doing Things the Right Way

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