To Be Blunt

132 What is THCa Flower and How Is it Different Than Marijuana? with Lawyer Rod Kight

January 30, 2023 Shayda Torabi
To Be Blunt
132 What is THCa Flower and How Is it Different Than Marijuana? with Lawyer Rod Kight
Show Notes

“You gotta go into this with eyes open, and if you're gonna go into it, you need to make sure that you're well educated.” - Rod Kight

Join us in this episode as Rod Kight, a seasoned cannabis lawyer and cannabis entrepreneur, discusses the challenges of THC-A hemp flower in the market. He delves into the complexities of THC-A flower and its similarities to marijuana, Total THC testing requirements, and the progressive hemp laws in North Carolina and Texas. Listen in as they share their personal experiences and insights on the legal implications of selling THC-A flower, age verification, packaging regulations, and more.

[00:00 - 07:36] Exploring the Risks and Rewards of Dealing with THC-A Hemp Flower 

[07:37 - 15:30] A Look at Hemp, Medical Marijuana and Legalization Efforts

[15:31 - 31:56] Cannabis Legalization and Regulation

[31:57 - 44:47] The Legalities and Risks of Selling THC-A Flower

[44:48 - 51:48] Closing Segment

Rod Kight is a cannabis business law attorney based in North Carolina and Mexico, and is widely regarded as an expert on the subject. He's the author of "Cannabis Business Law" and has been quoted in several major media outlets. He's part of several legal teams and advises C-suite level executives on cannabis issues. Rod is a believer in cannabis for personal and medical use and has been an attorney advocate for NORML. He's a member of several cannabis-related organizations and is a regular speaker on US and international podcasts about cannabis and psychedelics. He resides in Mexico and North Carolina with his family and is also an avid musician.

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