To Be Blunt

121 This Episode Has Not Been Evaluated By The FDA with Marty Marion of Mountain Smokes

October 17, 2022 Shayda Torabi Season 3 Episode 121
To Be Blunt
121 This Episode Has Not Been Evaluated By The FDA with Marty Marion of Mountain Smokes
Show Notes

“But this industry is very fragmented. There are a lot of egos at play. There's a lot of money at stake, and it makes people crazy. We have to stop stabbing each other in the back and doing stupid things, and we have to come together as an industry to make a happier planet, a healthier planet, to help people live happier, healthier lives, and to get quality products.” - Marty Marion

Welcome back to the To Be Blunt podcast! In this episode, Shayda Torabi welcomes Marty Marion to talk about how the cannabis industry is filled with confusion and misinformation, and how we must be smart to outwit the market.He also emphasizes the need of being aware of  regulations and to be compliant with FDA rules, especially as cannabis operators in the Hemp space.

[00:00 - 08:33] Top Stories in Our Industry

[12:26 - 18:54] The Transition from a "Mad Men" ad firm to a hemp enterprise

[18:55 - 37:59] Managing Marketing and Compliance Concerning Cannabis

[38:00 - 46:35] The Legality of Cannabis in the Market

[46:36 - 51:06] Reducing the Risks of Intoxication by Creating Restrictions

[51:07 - 1:08:24] Lobbying the Use of Cannabis to Congress and the FDA

[1:08:24 - 1:10:17] Closing Segment

Marty Marion has been a senior executive and principal of several of the world's largest "Mad Men'' ad agencies on New York's Madison Avenue for more than 35 years. He has also been a consultant to many of the world's largest pharmaceutical, supplement, and CBD companies on marketing strategy and FDA compliance. He is now the CEO of The Hempshire Group, Inc., a publicly traded company that makes MOUNTAIN Smokes CBD Hemp Smokes.

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Shayda Torabi has been called one of the most influential Women in WordPress and now she’s one of the women leading the cannabis reformation conversation building one of Texas’ premier CBD brands. She's currently the CEO and Co-Founder of RESTART CBD, a female-run education first CBD wellness brand. And has formerly held marketing positions at WP Engine and WebDevStudios. Shayda is the host of a podcast for cannabis marketers called To Be Blunt, where she interviews top cannabis brands on their most successful marketing initiatives. When Shayda's not building her cannabiz in Texas, you can find her on the road exploring the best hikes and spots for vegan ice cream. Follow Shayda at @theshaydatorabi 

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RESTART CBD is an education-first CBD wellness brand shipping nationwide.

RESTART CBD is an education first CBD wellness brand shipping nationwide.