To Be Blunt

106 Mastering Influence and the Need for Innovation With Olivia Alexander of Kush Queen

June 27, 2022 Shayda Torabi Season 3 Episode 106
To Be Blunt
106 Mastering Influence and the Need for Innovation With Olivia Alexander of Kush Queen
Show Notes

“I hope that young people and newcomers to the industry know that innovation is the way to slide in. Innovation is the way to really make a name for yourself, and these big companies are too big to do it. They can't do it, and they're never going to do it. - Olivia Alexander

Welcome back to the To Be Blunt podcast! In this episode, Shayda Torabi welcomes Olivia Alexander, CEO of Kush Queen. She paints an honest picture of how she built a brand from scratch, the challenges she faced, and the success she found leveraging social media. As one of the leading women in cannabis, she also gives her take on the changing cannabis landscape and why she is passionate about the entire industry coming together for innovation and education.

[00:00 - 19:33] Scaling a Small Brand to a Big-Time Business

[19:34 - 29:38] The Woman Behind Kush Queen

[29:39 - 32:07] The Influencer Culture Now

[32:08 - 38:55] Marketing Online and in the Dispensaries 

[38:56 - 50:58] The Cost of Compliance and The Need for Innovation 

[50:49 - 1:14:44] Believing in the Power of the Molecules and Educating Consumers

Olivia Alexander has grown Kush Queen into a multi-million dollar, multi-channel brand manufacturing only the finest cannabis-infused products. The Kush Queen product line includes award-winning bath bombs, pain relief lotions, indigestible, wellness supplements, and skincare. Referenced as the Queen of CBD by the LA Times, Olivia has a knack for being able to develop, connect and relate cannabis to community, health, and wellness. As a voice for progressive change and industry inclusion, Olivia was recognized as one of the cannabis industry’s top women founders by Variety Magazine, Green Entrepreneur, and Ganjapreneur in 2020, as Dope Magazine’s 2017 Social Media Influencer of the Year and shouted out as “The Mariah Carey of Weed” by ELLE In 2020. Olivia’s book, The Essential Guide to Cannabis for Women: How to Buy, Use, and Enjoy Cannabis for Recreation and Wellness releases on sale on March 29, 2022. 

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Follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn, check out her, and visit the Kush Queen website.

Shayda Torabi has been called one of the most influential Women in WordPress and now she’s one of the women leading the cannabis reformation conversation building one of Texas’ premier CBD brands. She's currently the CEO and Co-Founder of RESTART CBD, a female-run education first CBD wellness brand. And has formerly held marketing positions at WP Engine and WebDevStudios. Shayda is the host of a podcast for cannabis marketers called To Be Blunt, where she interviews top cannabis brands on their most successful marketing initiatives. When Shayda's not building her cannabiz in Texas, you can find her on the road exploring the best hikes and spots for vegan ice cream. Follow Shayda at @theshaydatorabi

Key Quote:

“It all comes back to knowledge is power, and that's the same with the molecules, with the brands you choose, with being an ethical cannabis consumer.” - Olivia Alexander

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